Industrial zones in the region

The Royal Initiative for the Development of the Oriental Region launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God help him, founds a new vision of regional development which is reflected in particular in a new development center at the East of the country, the "Eastern Mediterranean Pole" said "MED EST", based on structuring development programs and the mobilization of forces in the region, complementarily with the new " Tanger Med Pole.

This promoting an industrial pole in the eastern Mediterranean coast of Morocco is now seen as the sine qua non condition of balanced development across the country. MED EST lays the foundation for regional as well as national ambitions.

As part of its policy to develop integrated and complementary projects, adapted to the specificities and peculiarities of the provinces included in the scope of its intervention, the Agency of the Oriental Region conducted a study to develop a Pole of industrial development in the Oriental Region.

The major challenges of this project are as follows:

  • Rebalancing the Kingdom's economic development on the eastern side with the new MED EST pole;
  • Seeking endogenous and exogenous investment;
  • Revealing the human potential and existing know-how;
  • Promoting job creation and settling of the population especially in rural areas;

Lire phontiquement

The priority sectors are agro-industry, offshoring and logistics. In doing so, the program involves the development of export free zones in accordance with international standards and oriented industrial subcontracting destined to European markets.

Berkane will host the agri-food, and Oujda the tertiary.

The Intra-logistics free zone of Selouane will be assigned to the Port and Logistics sector, and the two industrial parks (Madagh and Selouane) to the industrial and agri-food sectors. As for tourism services and activities, they will be settled in the technology park of Oujda. The priority sites emerge in the junction between the different strategic sectors and potential supply.

The Industrial Development Center in the Oriental Region, MED EST, should ultimately lead to the marketing of a range of land and real estate with the highest quality standards to provide terminal facilities competitive with industrial activities and services.